Share your resume or CV online in a webpage

Because emailing your resume or CV is so last decade

What is this

Allow people to see what you are actually made of, share your resume, the easy, simple, modern, responsive, and professional way.

Easily configure how your page look, with a responsive design on all devices using Bootstrap and Font-Awesome.

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Resume share

Have your pdf (with or without word document) copy of your resume to easily downloaded by your viewers, in an easy way, on your website or separate site.

Responsive layout

Uses bootstrap and Font-Awesome technologies for modern layout on all devices.


Choose from over 100 bootstrap colour theme, fixed or full width.

Display your pdf resume, share pdf, doc or both

Allows users to download resume

Quick and easy setup and configure (using notepad)

Choose to allow page viewers to change bootstrap color theme

Add a link to your linkedin profile for easy access

Additional drop-down to have your profile links (or websites)

Ability to add your own personal photograph

Choose the height of area to display embed pdf resume


Classic ASP server (most Windows host accounts have that)


ResumeShare tool is 100% free

Need help?

We can help you setup a site for your resume, or use our service starting as low as ($80/yr) depends on your needs, just contact us to talk.

How to setup

  • Confirm you have a Classic ASP server (most Windows host accounts have that)
  • Move content of the zip into a folder in your FTP, (like
  • Open "Config.txt" file in any editor (like Notepad)
  • Modify settings in there to match your resume and needs
  • Close and Save file
  • Move your resume (doc or pdf or both) into same folder
  • Refresh page
  • Next time you change doc or pdf, tool will automatically display date of resume

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert my Word document into PDF?
Please follow this link to see how
How much it cost me to get my resume shared using ResumeShare?
There is not a direct answer, it basically depends on how you do it. If you have your own website and it is on Windows-host, you can do that for free, there are websites that offer free hosting too.
You can always have your own host, cost from $10 to $50 per month ....
Do you offer hosting to share my resume?
Yes, starting $80/year, you can have your own website name and host your resume with us.
Please contact for more details ....
Will I be able to share my resume using ResumeShare in same host of my WordPress website?
Generally, No! but if your host is Windows host, you can.
How do I get my Linkedin profile URL?
Please follow this link to see how
Can I use a small link for my long ResumeShare page URL?
Yes, there are a lot of free websites give you this service, we use X1C
I do not have a resume as word document, can you convert my Linkedin profile into Word to share here using ResumeShare?
Sure, please contact us to start that process.